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Fall Fashion

A collection of cooler weather fashion inspiration and amazing, layered, soulful fall pieces that feel ASI approved.


My love for design has always included fashion, and though I generally like to keep my interiors business focused on interior design, I do love to occasionally share some fashion and lifestyle content. After a solid few weeks of intense heat here in Maine, I think we're all starting to feel a little ready for crisper air, sweaters and shorts, and that lovely settled feeling of cooler weather making its way back in. Oh and boots! I live for boots season.

Like my interiors, I like an outfit to blend styles and feelings (hoodies with gold jewelry, dresses with combat boots, blazers and t-shirts, etc.) but still feel simple, casual, livable, and cool. I love to play with scale, too -- I almost always wear something oversized and pair it with a tight jean, a small shoe, or even another oversized piece for an intentional mono-scale look. Check out some of my favorite fall pieces and outfit inspiration, all ASI approved!






In general, I stick to really simple, versatile, basic pieces that I pair 100 different ways a week. If you aren't intentional about pairing these basics, an outfit can really fall flat and feel expected and honestly dated. Listen up -- we're not doing turtlenecks, skinny jeans, and tall boots anymore okay? I mean, actually I'd definitely wear that but then throw on an old denim jacket or bandana, okay? Make it cool, keep it fun!

Check out how I'd pair the basic pieces I've laid out above...



Thanks for stopping by, kids! Happy (almost) fall. Xoxo


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