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Studio Eastman, formerly Abigail Shea Interiors, is a 

boutique full-service interior design firm based in Southern Maine.

We believe that natural materials ground us in a way that manufactured goods cannot. Our goal will always be to use our designs to amplify a home's natural surroundings, rather than distract from them. We use simple color palettes, natural materials, and vintage pieces to craft warm and approachable interiors made for living. Regardless of budget, architecture, or the scope of a project, we want to leave clients feeling empowered by their home and to help them fall back in love with everyday life. 

Using layered earth tones, organic textures, and clean profiles, we are proud to offer an alternative to traditional New England design. We feel strongly that your Maine home doesn't need to be clad in blue and white paint. Though our designs always emanate from a home's architecture and our client's personal lives, our specialty is marrying global influence with the true principles of New England design. 

Studio Eastman is also proud of the collaborative team approach we take on every project. Whether we are working with a client to simply revitalize their space, or with a large team of architects and builders, our goal is always to facilitate a seamless, professional experience for everyone involved. 

Abigail grew up coming to Maine most summers - tent camping on Sagadahoc Bay, swimming in the ice cold water at Reid, and shopping at Reny's. Her family relocated from Pennsylvania to Central Maine when she was 16 and in adulthood, after moving away to Montreal for a few years, she quickly came back to plant roots in the familiar state. She and her husband, Alex, now live in Portland. Maine's influence is palpable and intentional in everything Abigail does.

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Studio Eastman is now offering virtual design consultations via TALD.

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