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Winter 2020 - Summer 2021

The Modern Coastal was a renovation and re-furnishing project for a 1980 bungalow on a coastal cliff in Mid-Coast Maine. The house was a blank architectural slate for us to fill with simple, sophisticated elements that allowed the ocean view to take centerstage and a palette that nods to the unique local geography. Without feeling themed, our thoughtful material and product selections craft a coastal, rugged, and lived-in space while still maintaining an elevated touch. 

Dark walnut woods and slate black accents juxtapose soft, creamy walls and light upholstery. The Modern Coastal project is loaded with natural materials -- jute, rattan, marble, sherpa, raw & refined woods, and linen -- which, when layered on simple architecture, create an approachable and inviting space. The clean-lined custom kitchen cabinetry applies a modern profile, with a small 1" crown return detail and inset slab doors, all coated in a warm mushroom grey. Super White quartzite countertops mimic the rugged coast right outside the windows.  

Published as Decor Maine cover story, October 2021. 

Photography by Erin Little.

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